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Top 10 Remote Asset Management Solution Companies - 2021

Advancement of sensor technology, cloud technology and advanced wireless technologies have been created new opportunities in the market. As everyone knows that many enterprises are seeking for new innovative solutions to reduce their operational cost and increase ROI. Enterprises need to understand that which are impacting on reduce operational cost. Therefore, most of the enterprises are moving towards remote asset management solution to reduce their operational expenses.

Remote asset management, which involves a remote server designed to receive and process incoming data from fixed or mobile communications devices wherein the data is related to specific remote asset management applications. Remote asset management aids in assettracking, monitoring and managing organization’s asset in real-time for effective utilization, predictive maintenance, and cost-effective operation resulting in better returns. Remote asset management gathers information related to assets from sensors applied to devices. Remote asset management includes sensors and microprocessors fixed in the remote asset and a communications component that collects and transfers data to central management systems.

Today organizations use more computing devices than ever before for their operations. These are not only the ones present in the workplace but also the devices that are actually out of office premises and out of the office network in the remote work management environment. Besides, there are also the plethora of peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, wireless access points, and printers.

Cloud asset management stores the data online (server) run application (from server) on your system without installing the software. Organizations use cloud-based computing to avoid costly infrastructure and to enhance functional efficacy. It offers the facility of centralized storage of data on the internet. So, that it can be accessed from anywhere on any device that has a web connection. On top of that, it provides data security also. As people nowadays have their cellphone and tablets at all-time readiness, it is so appropriate to leverage it for asset tracking and asset management purposes and to manage them. The app feature of asset management software is very simple and user-friendly. It is therefore high time to move on to cloud-based technology and manage the assets and inventory effectively.

We present to you, “Top 10 Remote Asset Management Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Top Remote Asset Management Solution Companies

  • Baker Hughes is an energy technology delivering Bently Nevada's 60 years of domain expertise to provide world-class Remote Asset Management services to customers around the world

  • Autonomic Software

    Autonomic Software

    Autonomic Software’s current set of products are endpoint and security management solutions that are fully integrated into McAfee ePO. The Company’s solutions extend ePO’s functionality and provide added security for ePO users. Autonomic Software leverages the capabilities of ePO and is able to wake computers on different subnets without having to make changes to a company’s routers.

  • Des Case

    Des Case

    Des-Case Corporation provides industries with innovative product and service solutions to extend oil and equipment life. Des-Case now offers a complete line of specialty filtration and vacuum dehydration to robust line of desiccant breathers, filtration systems and Lubrication Transformation consulting and training services.

  • Frontify


    Frontify is a B2B SaaS company, providing all-in-one brand management software for increased brand consistency and clarity – cloud-based efficiency for businesses of all sizes. As a single source of truth, it’s where powerful brand experiences are created and shared. With Frontify, you can define your brand’s core with dynamic brand guidelines, centralize every digital asset, build a design system for digital efficiency, and create customized templates for always on-brand marketing collateral.

  • GlobeRanger


    GlobeRanger is to help companies improve their businesses through reduced lead times, reduction of manual processes, and greater clarity of reporting at the swipe of a button.

  • MRMcentral


    MRMcentral is the Marketing Resource Management (MRM) platform formerly known as Marketing Operations On-Demand (MOOD) and prior to that, it was known as MarketingCentral. MRMcentral is a project management & collaboration software system made for marketing teams and agencies that want the benefit of multiple features in one comprehensive tool. A combined project, resource and financial management system for marketers.

  • Seal Shield

    Seal Shield

    Seal Shield manufactures waterproof & washable keyboards and mice for healthcare and commercial needs. Also available are advanced medical-grade screen protectors and UV-C disinfection systems. The world today reflects unparalleled risks for contamination and infection all around them. Founded in 2006, Seal Shield is helping to address this public health challenge - in partnership with healthcare providers and institutions globally.

  • Soutron Global

    Soutron Global

    Soutron Global is a cloud-based Library, Knowledge, and Information Management Solutions provider dedicated to “Managing Library Transformation”. Soutron Global is a client-driven company with strong award winning leadership having extensive experience of delivering solutions to information centers and special libraries for over two decades. They partner with information centers and special libraries around the globe in transitioning organizations to digital technologies with innovative and high-quality products.

  • UpKeep


    UpKeep was designed to make life easier for facilities and asset management departments and to empower maintenance teams to make better decisions from data-driven insights. They are creating the best tool on the market for managers to communicate with technicians in the field and for technicians to respond to urgent issues without having to shuffle through paperwork or return to the office. They make completing work orders easy, intuitive, and mobile-first so everyone can contribute and stay on the same page.

  • Xledger


    Xledger is the most automated financial ERP solution on the market - used by 10,000 companies in 60 countries. Xledger is 100% cloud based - designed for ambitious organizations that would like to take advantage of best practices and automation to improve their business processes. Xledger differentiates on automation, scalability and business insight. The founders of Xledger set out to simplify business management and reduce complexity by providing an out-of-the-box solution that is configurable to each customer’s needs and built around best-practices. Xledger is based on configuration rather than customization, which means that each customer is upgraded seamlessly to the latest version of the system every 3 months